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Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) is the exclusive authority to Apostille to the documents issued in India.

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HRD Attestation Chennai | Degree Attestation

HRD Attestation / Home Department Authentication in India

UAE Embassy & HRD Attestation Chennai Tamilnadu|Home Department Attestation Tamilnadu Chennai to obtain a visa for UAE.

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Authorised Partner MEA Attestation in Mumbai

Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) Document Attestation

Certificate Apostille and Attestation Service Provider, Apostille or Attestation in Mumbai can be done by A.K Travel Services a verified agency.

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Apostille Mea Attestation Services Chennai Tamil Nadu

Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) Document Attestation

Certificate Attestation and Apostille in Chennai by Ministry of External Affairs

MEA Certificate Apostille Stamp Services by A K Travel Services in Chennai for using documents abroad.

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Apostille Attestation Service in Chennai

Birth certificate attestation for Qatar

Birth certificate Attestation is required to specify your nationality. It helps in identifying the date of birth and place of birth. When you are travelling to Qatar, their officials need to confirm integrity of all your documents and birth certificate is one of them. By attesting birth certificate you are legalizing your document to authorize its authenticity. It is first attested from state HRD then by MEA and MOFA. After this only your birth certificate becomes valid to use it in Qatar for education and job purposes.

Birth certificate attestation for UAE

Same like Qatar, other countries like UAE also need to verify your birth certificate to authenticate your identity. Many people from India and other countries moved to the UAE for a job. So, they are very strict with their norms. Even the process is the same as Qatar, the only difference is that after getting attestation of birth certificate from MEA, it has to get verified from UAE embassy situated in India. Only after which they will issue a visa for study or job in UAE. When you will reach UAE, officers there will also verify all your documents. So, it is very necessary to get it done properly.

Marriage certificate attestation for UAE

If you are thinking to take your spouse with you in UAE, then it is necessary to get it documented also. After marriage, it is compulsory for everyone to get a marriage certificate to make it legal. So, to take your spouse with you to UAE, you need to furnish marriage certificate in front of UAE officers and that should be authenticated. To get authentication, attestation of the marriage certificate is necessary. Attestation of the marriage certificate is the same as the attestation of birth certificate for UAE. You can submit all your documents at once to avoid delay.

Marriage certificate attestation for UAE

Marriage Certificate Attestation is the act of witnessing a Marriage certificate by authorised Departments / authorities with their official seal and signature. This attestation also confirms that, the specified Marriage certificate has been issued by that mentioned department and Seal and signature on that particular Marriage certificate is genuine.

Oman embassy attestation

man is also one of the choices for people of India for work. Their growing economy offers jobs for nationals of other countries. Good salary and benefits always attract people to Oman. Like other Gulf countries, attestation of all your documents is necessary to get a work permit. Oman embassy assists you to complete all your formalities in India to avoid any kind of legal penalties in Oman or delay in getting a visa. Trust Attestation helps you in getting all your formalities done in a manner specified by Oman embassy within the stipulated time.

Saudi visa stamping

Among all these countries Saudi Arabia always attracts the job-seeking person and pilgrim tourist from all over the world. To enter in Saudi you need a visa to be stamped on your passport. This is done while you are in your country by the Saudi Embassy situated in India. To get visa stamped, you need to submit all the documents as required by the Saudi Embassy. After verifying all the documents they allow you for further processing..


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